Sigma Phi Beta
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since 2003

About Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity

The Mission of Sigma Phi Beta

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity promotes equality and respect by providing Queer and Allied men in college with a uniquely diverse safe space within the traditional Greek fraternity system. We strive for integrity and professionalism, and uphold high standards of scholarship and excellence.

The Purpose of Sigma Phi Beta

The purpose of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity is to build character in gay, straight, bisexual and transgender male college students through social and meaningful activities that will empower them in their future endeavors while upholding the bonds and true meaning of brotherhood.

Governing Board

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity is governed by a national board of directors known as The Council of Sigma Phi Beta. The Council is responsible for setting policy for the entire Fraternity and carrying out the programs of the national headquarters. Board members include:

Joshua Thomas
President and Chairman of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity

Dillon Honicky
Secretary / Treasurer

Ben Blankenship
Director of Chapter Affairs

Maxi Henn
Director of Alumni Affairs

Michael Lathery
Director of Communications

Danny Zamora
Director of Expansion

Our History

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity was founded at Arizona State University (ASU) on September 28th, 2003 by a group of young men committed to creating a safe and fun fraternity experience for other gay, straight, bisexual and transgender students. The new fraternity quickly sought and obtained recognition from ASU's Interfraternity Council (IFC), becoming the only exclusively college-based queer-focused fraternity nationwide with chapter recognition by an IFC. The founding chapter continues to maintain a steady membership base and a strong presence on campus.

In the summer of 2005, the fraternity's alumni members and representatives of the founding chapter organized a constitutional convention, forming a new, parent organization for the Fraternity. On July 17th, 2005, convention delegates adopted the national Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity and elected the first national officers. The founding chapter accepted its official designation as the Alpha Chapter. Now recognized as a fully operating fraternity dedicated to providing its members with life enriching experiences, Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity is actively working to establish chapters throughout the United States so others can experience the same opportunities that the founders created for themselves.

The first elected national officers were: Sam Holdren, President and Chairman of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity; Carlos Galaz, Director of Expansion; Matthew Nelson, Director of Internal Affairs; and J.J. Johnson, Director of Finance and Estate. These four made up the first Council of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity, and were charged with the duty of stabilizing and expanding the fraternity.

Sigma Phi Beta is a social fraternity operating within the traditional Greek system. We create positive role models, promote leadership, and increase the community involvement of queer and queer-allied male college students. We constantly strive to achieve true brotherhood through dedication. This has led to great success of Fraternity events and the success of the Fraternity as a whole.

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